Custom Hosting Solutions

Your website has become the primary portal for clients, as well as for potential clients, to access your services and information. You are choosing not only where to host your site, but where to host your business.

The Problem

How do you find a host that you can rely on? With all the $1.99 specials and marketing gimmicks that you receive it’s hard to know if you can get quality service. Too often customer support is bogged down with long wait times as they route your call across the globe. Service suffers from sporadic downtime for which no one is accountable. And once the introductory rate expires you’re left looking for another service to contain costs.

The Solution

Our web servers are built tough and connected to our high-speed backbone network, ensuring reliability and speed to your visitors.

  • High end 64bit web servers with RAID 5 storage
  • Web servers are backed up weekly to protect your data
  • Our servers reside in our Greensboro, NC Data Center connected to a Tier 1
    internet provider

Apparent Source, LLC. PO Box 19967, Greensboro, NC 27419 Phone: 336.790.8780