Solutions Engineering

You might ask - what is solution engineering? Fred Nickols put it best with this definition:

"Solution Engineering" is my label for the process by which solutions are configured and carried out. By "solution" I mean a course of action that, once carried out, brings about some desired state of affairs. The use of engineer in this context is as a verb meaning "to arrange or bring about through skillful, artful contrivance."

Your Problem

Actually, when you come to us, its "our" problem. We take time to fully understand not just the task at hand, but the scope of your business, your target audience, and what you want to achieve. Defining a problem is often one of the most mis-understood steps in the process. As one person wrote, "Problem solving is what you do when you don't know what to do." We're here to help you define what your busines needs and construct a solution to acheive it.

Our Solution

It's our job to know how to engineer a solution to your technology problem. We spend hours a week reading up on current technologies, trends, and practices to ensure we can provide a top quality solution. Whether its a website, web application, branch office network, or custom server solution - we deliver solutions that work.

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